Gambit Consulting Ltd.

Business Intelligence

Gambit is focused on helping businesses build successful decision support systems that help in making decisions, provide critical business metrics, and predict events or outcomes and associated risks. We have the ability to either manage entire BI projects (overseeing and ensuring the success of every phase) or supplement client’s team with specialists during specific stages of a project’s life cycle.

Specifically, we help business in:

  1. Process automation
  2. Automation of manual processes
  3. Automation of data loading and report generation
  4. Development of business metrics and analytics
  5. Optimization of resources (human, equipment, and computer)
  6. Optimization of competing risks through predictive modeling, forecasting, and simulation.

We assist clients with:

  1. Allocation and integration of data from different data sources
  2. Data diligence, validation, cleansing, transformation, and normalization
  3. Minimizing of data losses
  4. Development of business performance metrics
  5. Process design, development, and verification
  6. Due diligence
  7. Developing parallel auditing processes
  8. Report design and development
  9. Reporting accuracy of the measurement and estimating systems
  10. Development and analysis of business metrics
  11. Discovery of Cause-Effect relationships or What-IF testing
  12. Risk assessment based on (modeling, forecasting, and simulation of missing critical events)
  13. Fraudulent patterns discovery and prediction
  14. Reengineering business processes
  15. Decision Support Systems design and development
  16. Analysis and reporting actual versus expected process indicators

We assisted clients in the following industries : Petroleum, Petrochemical, Transportation, Pipelines, Telecommunication, Banking, Insurance, Medical Telemetry, Civil Engineering, Travel, Retail, and Marketing.

Our team’s background includes: Electrical Engineering, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Geology, Computer Science.

We bring data sources together and design business metrics, analytics, and predictive modeling that present all aspect of business performance.